Wolfy the Wolf
Λιλίκος ο λύκος (τίτλος πρωτοτύπου)
ISBN: 978-960-9578-06-6
BooKaRoo, Αθήνα, 10/2012
1η έκδ.
Γλώσσα: Αγγλικά
Γλώσσα πρωτοτύπου: Ελληνική, Νέα
€ 5.16 (περ. ΦΠΑ 6%)
eBook, PDF
28 σελ.

A different companion of animals, that its characteristic is the love for the environment and Hip Hop music, is struggling to save the crumbling ecological system and to convey messages of humanity and orientation. Starring the Wolfy the wolf the children learn about animals in danger of extinction, and the importance of protecting animal species.

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