S.O.S. Get paid in full, now!! (Debt Collection Strategies)
ISBN: 978-618-80278-1-7
Ελληνική, Νέα
Βιβλίο, Βιβλίο (άγνωστο δέσιμο)
152 σελ.

One of the foremost requirements for businesses and firms is to implement their financial planning. Clearly, payment collection and timely receipt of customer debts, are essential for a business or organisation to operate smoothly. However, this task is becoming increasingly difficult...

Nowadays, the successful collection of overdue payments demands special skills – i.e. organisation, conduct and expert knowledge related to management, communication, sales, negotiations, psychology, stress-management, etc.

This book aspires to meet all these requirements. Our optimism about the book’s success is based on the fact that we addressed the issue of collecting overdue payments not by any specific technique, but through a “holistic” system: The “S.O.S.” system!