Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse
An Underwater Photography Adventure
ISBN: 978-960-87016-0-1
Starfish press, Αθήνα, 2001
1η έκδ., Αγγλικά
€ 55.74 (περ. ΦΠΑ 6%)
Βιβλίο, Σκληρόδετο
31 x 25 εκ, 256 σελ.

For millennia, climatological and geological processes created the necessary conditions for the tropical Indo-Pacific to evolve into the most diverse area among marine ecosystems. The Indonesian-Philippines area is the epicenter of this amazing biodiversity. Award-winning photographer Constantinos Petrinos, chose the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, to document this fascinating underwater wonderland. He spent 5 months in the region, did 320 dives and took 25OOO slides. «Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse» features 280 of these amazing photographs. Underwater photographers will find a wealth of information on technique. For the naturalist, the rich text explains the spectacular behavior seen in the photos.

[Απόσπασμα από κείμενο παρουσίασης εκδότη ή έκδοσης]

Photography & Conservation
The Coral Reef
Survival Recipes
Innovative Housing Concepts
Reef sex
Crinoid Community
Snails & Nudibranches
Seahorses & Pipefishes
Notes & Abbreviations
Index to Photographs