Greek It!
A Traveller's Guide to the Modern Greek Soul
ISBN: 978-960-326-113-1
€ 9.95 (περ. ΦΠΑ 6%)
Βιβλίο, Χαρτόδετο
21 x 14 εκ, 201 γρ, 143 σελ.

This alternative guide gives you all the inside information you need for understanding the attitude of modern Greek people and enjoying real Greek life to the fullest!
Greek it! and learn how to:
-survive at airports and ports,
-meet the best lover (and avoid winter tears),
-make a typical cafe frappe,
-appreciate Greek cuisine and hospitality,
-get away with aggressive Greek driving,
-deal with taxi drivers and other dangerous species.
A survival handbook but also an essential read for the visitor to Greece who wants to be more than "just another tourist".