History, Art, Monuments
ISBN: 978-960-7646-04-0
Τοπίο, Αθήνα, 1996
€ 12.17 (περ. ΦΠΑ 6%)
Βιβλίο, Σκληρόδετο
17 x 17 εκ, 300 γρ, 189 σελ.

Athens, Hymettus, Lycabettus, Ilissus, Cephisus, salpinx, zephyr, triumph, rose, hyacinth, narcissus: words that come into English from Greek, and predate the Greek τhemselves; they have been used 6000 years now, a period as long as the history of Athens itself. For thousands of years they have echoed in the magical city of Athens, and they echo the fruitful presence of the Pelasgians, first habitants of the site. Two thousand years before Christ, the Pelasgians gave to the Greeks, the Ionian Athenians who took the city to the triumphs of the Golden Age. And since then, roses, hyacinths and narcissi have blown in the zephyrs, scenting the air of Athens.

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