Don't throw me away... Just give me to somewhere else
ISBN: 978-618-205-292-1
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Agape. Her father calls her “my queen”. Her mother smiles and her grandmother seeks for herself looking at her eyes. Three generations of women, three interrelated lives. Misses, mistakes, sins, consequences. Does the pain have a limit? Does it reach to an end? Can it reach at a point at which it can’t be more painful? How much can a soul take and how? The three lives, the three generations of these women will tell us about it. Will Panayiotis, the supportive father, the husband, and the son-in-law be able to keep the life of his family in the simple, quiet and tidy daily routine or will the past knock at the door’s house determining a different future for each one of them? Will they be able to coexist like before or will the visit from the past bring radical changes?