Combating discrimination in the field of entrepreneurship
Women and young Roma and Muslim immigrants
Επιμέλεια: Balourdos D. || Tsiganou, Joanna
ISBN: 978-960-02-3189-2
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Βιβλίο, Χαρτόδετο
24 x 17 εκ, 270 σελ.

The present volume is based on research outputs produced during the implementation of a research initiative titled “Combating Discrimination in the Field of Entrepreneurship: Women and Young Roma and Muslim Immigrants”, conducted at EKKE, under the funding of the PROGRESS ACTION GRANTS (JUST/2012/PROG/AG/AD).

The basic priorities of the project required an interdisciplinary approach and the pairing of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, in order to form a framework for the deciphering not only of the visible but also of the latent forms of discrimination in the field of the business engagement of female and young Roma and Muslim immigrants in contemporary Greece. The data presented and analysed in the present volume may be proven useful not only for the understanding of the subject under consideration, but also for future planning and decision making in national, european and international levels.

The study has drawn its epistemological considerations from three main traditions: The ideas around the issue of “competition and social cohesion”, the conceptualisation of “entrepreneurship” especially in conditions of “risk” and/or economic crises, and the issue of discrimination. It was in connection to these traditions that the mapping of specific conditions that prevent, delay or facilitate the development of professional and employment careers of female and young Roma and Muslim immigrants was undertaken.

The exploration of stereotypes that contribute to the generation and enhancement of multiple, ever-going and intense discrimination in the labour market on the grounds of gender, ethnicity and religion was a key element of the research process. To this respect, one of the basic goals of the research undertaking was to provide evidence in support of multicultural oriented services offered by the state and its specific services.