The Acropolis. The Acropolis Museum
Η Ακρόπολη. Το Μουσείο της Ακρόπολης (τίτλος πρωτοτύπου)
ISBN: 978-960-213-452-8
Εκδοτική Αθηνών, Αθήνα, 6/2011
1η έκδ., Αγγλικά
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Ελληνική, Νέα (γλώσσα πρωτοτύπου)

A small, sun-drenched plain with a precipitous rock at its centre, a broad platform at its peak and valuable springs with drinking waters at its foot. The people of the prehistoric era could not have ignored such an advantageous site. And indeed, excavations at the top and the slopes of the Acropolis have revealed traces of settlement dating from the late Neolithic period (ca 3500-3200 BC).This habitation continued over the following periods, the Early Bronze Age (3200/3000-2200/2000 BC) and the Middle Bronze Age (2200/2000-1600 BC). In the second millennium BC the population of Attica was reinforced. A new tribe, the lonians, arrived from the north and merged with the indigenous population, which tradition holds were the Pelasgians. From around the middle of the same millennium a brilliant prehistoric civilisation started to flourish on mainland Greece, the Mycenaean civilisation which took its name from its most important centre, the town of Mycenae. During the Mycenaean period (1600-1100 BC) the inhabitants of the Acropolis lived in groups on the slopes and at the peak of the rock. They worshipped their ancient goddess Athena here, on the top of the Acropolis hill, where the palace of the local king also stood. (...)

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A Glance at History
Prehistoric and Geometric Eras
Archaic Era
Classical Era
Hellenistic and Roman Eras
Byzantine Era and Prankish Rule
Ottoman Rule and the Greek War of Independence
The Modern Era
Mythological Times
The Acropolis
Reaching the Sacred Rock
The Old Propylaia
The Propylaia
The Pedestal of Agrippa
The Beule Gate
The temple of Athena Nike
The sanctuary of Aphrodite Pandemos
Earlier Parthenons
The Parthenon
The sculptural decoration of the
The Erechtheion
The 'old temple'
The Pandroseion
The Arrhephorion
The sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia
The Chalkotheke
The sanctuary of Pandion
The temple of Rome and Augustus
The sanctuary of Zeus Polieus
The altar of Athena
The votives
The wall
The old Acropolis Museum
The South Slope of the Acropolis
Exhibits store
Ancient roads
The sanctuary of Dionysus Eleuthereus
The theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus
The Odeion of Pericles
The choregic monument of Thrasyllus
The choregic monument of Nikias
The Stoa of Eumenes
The Asclepeion
Exhibits store
The Chalkourgeion
The Odeion of Herodes Atticus
Sanctuary of the Nymph
North and East Slopes
Sacred caves of Pan, Zeus Olympics and Apollo Hypoakraios
Mycenaean well
Sanctuary of Aphrodite and Eros
Sacred cave of Aglauros
The Acropolis Museum
The building
The archaeological excavation
At the entrance
The Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis
Level l: The Archaic Gallery
The Parthenon Gallery
Level I: West Section
Level I: North Section