Science, Technology and the 19th Century State
The Role of the Army: Conference Proceedings Syros, 7-8 July 2000
Sciences, technologies et constitutions de l' état au XIXe siècle
le rôle de l' armée
ISBN: 978-960-7916-28-0
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This volume titled: "Sciences, technologies et constitutions de l` etat au XIXe siecle: le role de l` armee [Science, technology and the 19th century state: The role of the army]", holds to the general theme of the previous volume since it focuses on a particular agent, the army. If the association of the army to the state comes naturally and without any surprise -war between states is endemic throughout the history of humanity and, from this point of view, the 19th century is no exception -the relationship between the military and "sciences and technologies" is worth a commentary. The collusion between army and science (a big business) is of common knowledge, in a much as it concerns the Great Powers during the Cold War. [...]
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