Apolline Politics and Poetics
International Symposium
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Just as Apollo`s Delphic sanctuary lay art the center of the Ancient Greek landscape, so the god played a crucial role in the art and thought of classical antiquity and exercised vast influence. The papers in this volume focus on Apollo`s important position at the intersection of cultural and sociopolitical life and explore the ways in which the god in his various capacities had on impact on the arts, mainly in Greece but also in Italy, and the arts, in turn, underwrote his power.

1. Part One: Representations
I. Homeric Hymn to Apollo
- Jenny Strauss Clay, "The Silence of the Pythia"
- Gregory Nagy, "Perfecting the Hymn in the `Homeric Hymn to Apollo`"
- Nicholas Richardson, "In Search of an Oracle: `The Homeric Hymn to Apollo`"
- Antonio Aloni, "The Politics of Composition and Performance of the Homeric `Hymn to Apollo`"
- Andromache Karanika, "The `ololyge` in the `Homeric Hymn to Apollo`: From Poetics to Politics"

II. Homer and Hesiod
- Dimitris N. Maronitis, "Apollo and Odysseus: From the `Iliad` to the `Odyssey`"
- Stephen Scully, "Apollo and the Dance of the Olympians"
- Karen Bassi, "Zeus` Stone: Objects and Time in the Delphic Landscape"
- Giovan Battista D`Alessio, "Re-Constructing Pindar`s `First Hymn`: The Theban `Theogony` and the Birth of Apollo"
- Nancy Felson, "Epinician Apollo in Story Time: `Pythian 9`, `Olympian 6` and `Pythian 3`"
- Claude Calame, "Apollo in Delphi and in Delos: Poetic Performances between Paean and Dithyramb" - Christos C. Tsagalis, "Blurring the Boundaries: Dionysus, Apollo and Bacchylides 17"

IV. Tragedy
- Sarah Iles Johnston, "`From Oracles, What Useful Words Have Ever Come to Mortals?` Delphic Apollo in the `Oresteia`"
- Athena Kavoulaki, "Coming from Delphi: Apolline Action and Tragic Interaction"
- Eva Stehle, "Speech Genres and Reproductive Roles in Euripides` `Ion`"

V. Vase Painting
- H. A. Shapiro, "Apollo and Ion on Classical Athenian Vases"
- T. H. Carpenter, "Apollo and the Apulians"

VI. Roman Epic and Lyric
- Sergio Casali, "The Theophany of Apollo in Vergil, `Aeneid 9`: Augustanism and Self-Reflexivity"
- Carole Newlands, "Statius` Programmatic Apollo and the Ending of Book 1 of the `Thebaid`"

VII. The Survival of Apollo
- Diskin Clay, "The Survival of Apollo: From Dante`s `Buono Appollo` to Bernini`s Apollo and Daphne"

Part Two: Society
I. Politics and Ideology
- Lucia Athanassaki, "Apollo and his Oracle in Pindar`s Epinicians: Poetic Representations, Politics, and Ideology"
- Mark Griffith, "Apollo, Teiresias, and the Politics of Tragic Prophecy"
- Pavlos Sfyroeras, "The Comic Poetics of Apollo in Aristophanes` `Knights`"
- Maria Vamvouri Ruffy, "Apollo, Athena and Athens at Delphi"

II. Apollo, Delphi, and the Social Order
- Kathryn A. Morgan, "Philosophy at Delphi: Socrates, Sages, and the Circulation of Wisdom"
- A. G. Nikolaidis, "What Did Apollo Mean to Plutarch?"
- Fritz Graf, "Apollo, Possession, and Prophecy"
- Thomas Hubbard, "Ephebic Liminality and the Ambiguities of Apolline Sexuality"
- Fanis Kakridis, "Apollo the Lover"

III. Siting Apollo
- Paul Cartledge, "Sparta`s Apollo(ne)s"
- Ian Rutherford, "The Koan-Delian Ritual Complex: Apollo and Theoria in a Sacred Law from Kos"
- Giuseppe Zanetto, "Delphic Apollo between Medicine and Magic"